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जैविक भोजन/खेती क्यों ? WHY ORGANIC ?

The Benefits of Organic Food
Foods Taste Better
Soils that are nourished and well balanced grow strong and healthy fruits and vegetables that taste great.

Safeguards Future Generations
The average child receives four times more exposure than an adult to at least eight widely used cancer-causing pesticides in foods. The food choices we make now will impact our child's health in the future. Over 400 chemical pesticides are routinely used in conventional farming and residues are often present in non-organic food. The UK government has recently found high levels of pesticide residues in baby food, spinach, dried fruit, bread, apples, celery, and chips. Organic method of farming is the best means to ensure air, water and soil unpolluted leaving the environment safe for the present and future generations. "Pesticides pose special concerns to children because of their high metabolisms and low body weights. More than 1 million children between the ages of 1 and 5 ingest at least 15 pesticides every day from fruits and vegetables. More than 600,000 of these children eat a dose of organophosphate insecticides which is unsafe, and 61,000 eat doses that exceed benchmark levels by a factor of 10 or more." "Pesticides and other pollutants can interfere with proper sexual differentiation; they can also cause other birth defects and multigenerational health problems, such as allergies, immunotoxicity, neurotoxicity and cancer in the individual, that individual's offspring, and subsequent generations." In addition: "A Canadian-USA study detected pesticides in the amniotic fluid in one-third of human pregnancies." According to a study in California "pregnant women living within nine miles of farms where pesticides are sprayed on fields may have increased risk of losing an unborn baby to birth defects."

Prevents Pesticides
esticides are poisons designed to kill living organisms and can also be harmful to humans. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers 60% of all herbicides, 90% of all fungicides and 30% of all insecticides as potentially cancer causing. Recent studies show that some chemicals used in pesticides may be associated with birth defects, nerve damage and genetic mutation.

Protects Water Quality
he Environmental Protection Agency estimates that pesticides contaminate the ground water in 38 states, polluting the primary source of drinking water for more than half the country's population. Organic growers use farming techniques that eliminate polluting chemicals and nitrogen leaching, thereby protecting our precious water resources.

Protects Against Soil Erosion
oil is the most important element in organic farming. The Soil Conservation Service estimates that over 30 billion tons of topsoil is eroded from crops lands annually. What causes this is intensive mono-cropping (the planting of vast areas with the same crop year after year), and insensitive farming practices. As a result, farms are suffering from the worst erosion in history. Organic farmers do not rely on synthetic fertilizers, but build their soil through natural practices such as composted manure, and by planting diverse crops.

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